Friday, 5 October 2012


      Hi-nehm                         Ha-ti                               Drowah    
        Join Together            Destroy                       Boundary

 Hapi, u-ha ey pwah           Isfet                             Ma'at                   
   Hapi, arise and attack      Chaos                      Restore order     

Se-kebeb                 Tas               Ha-wi
     Make cold                          Bind               Strike

       Maw            Med-wah                  N'dah             Sa-hei               
        Water                 Speak                  Protect           Bring Down  

These are some of the hieroglyphics used in the books.

What is this blog about?

Hey everyone!! This is my blog about the Kane Chronicles. I am trying to write the next book for the Kane Chronicles. If you guys never read The Kane Chronicles before, I have added a review about it just to get you filled in. Then, click on the page Book 4: The Rival Magic and you can read the first chapter!!! If you have any ideas please post it in the comments section of that page. Thanks and have fun reading!!!!